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Plans and Permits

Most renovation and construction projects require that a building permit be obtained from the Town, City or Village in which you live. In order to obtain these permits you must submit construction documents prepared by a licensed architectural professional. These plans must show in a clear manner the details for building the project. The level of detail depends on the complexity of the project however a certain amount of information is required to show that the project meets local building and zoning codes and laws.

Small Projects

A large portion of our business is serving the small home improvement industry, homeowners and contractors alike. Many homeowners know exactly what they want and know who they want to build it. Some will even build decks, porticos, front porches, sheds and patios themselves. Believe it or not, these are very important customers to us. They drive the industry. Where some architects may feel these types of projects are a bit too small, we are there for you no matter what size improvement you are making.

Legalizing Existing Structures

Sometimes homeowners have constructed entire projects without obtaining the necessary approvals from the local Municipality. They may have even been unaware that a permit was needed for such a small thing as a deck, shed or fence. You may have performed the work yourself or inherited the problem from the previous owner. Regardless, if you want to sell or re-finance your home, or not leave the problem for your family, you should get a Certificate of Completion/Occupancy. Sometimes this requires updating the structure to meet the current state code. We also understand the urgency of these situations and work closely with many homeowners, finance agencies, real estate attorneys, and Building Departments to keep a preset closing date.

Large Scale Renovation

Every year we do a number of large-scale alterations, many of which can be viewed in our “Portfolio” section of this site. They say man cannot live on only bread alone and this is true even for designers. We have a very talented staff and every so often we let them spread their wings. Please peruse these projects, as we are confident you will be duly impressed. We also work very closely with a handful of custom builders and can refer people who can be trusted with projects of this magnitude.

New Homes

Whether you are a custom builder, spec builder or just someone who found their dream property, our files pre-designed house plans to choose from of various shapes, sizes and styles. We also love the challenge of designing a home from the beginning stages and have the experience and capabilities to do so.

Commercial Buildings and Offices

A portion of our portfolio each year is dedicated to small commercial and light industrial projects, both new construction and interiors. As with our residential clients most of these individuals know exactly what they want and who will build it. Again, we are familiar with the local codes and can assist in obtaining the necessary permits and approvals. Please contact our office for more information regarding these projects and a list of completed commercial projects and references.

Variances and Board Zoning Appeals

Not all projects are approved as a matter of right. Many require at least on of these approvals before a building permit can be issued. This is due to the zoning laws, which affects the distance, height and floor area you are allowed to build in your Municipality. This process can be applied to new construction, renovations and legalizations alike. We are familiar with all the requirements the Boards may have and will assist you in a proper presentation. Most Board members are professional people and they are accustomed to a certain level of professionalism. We have a solid working relationship with other individuals in this arena including traffic consultants, landscape architects, interior designers, zoning attorneys, real estate experts, soil engineers, etc. and can bring them in for additional support if necessary. Most of the time for a residential variance, our presentation will be more than enough.

Architectural Review Boards

Some Villages have an Architectural Review Board. They determine if the style of the home, colors and materials are suitable for the existing village homes. Often they require the architect to be present at this meeting to explain the thought process of the end result design. We will be glad to accompany you and see that your project gets approved.

Green Design

Whether it’s residential or commercial construction, today’s technology provides for many alternatives to conventional building methods. We have strong relationships with cutting edge contractors, installers, vendors and manufacturers of these new and up coming systems. They don’t always apply to your needs but when they do need to be integrated into your project, you will be amazed with the results of both time and budget.

As a matter of fact, Oyster Bay Drafting built the first all pre-formed concrete house on Long Island (Bayville) and the very first metal-framed house on Long Island (Riverhead). We are always up on the latest technology. We are keeping up with the times and are always researching the newest and latest products to keep your home green and the environment safe for our future.

Flood Zone Experts

With the changing weather patterns, Long Island is expected to get hit by more storms and rising waters. After Sandy, and even before, Oyster Bay Drafting has lifted many existing homes and designed new homes to meet the guidelines of FEMA and coastal erosion zones. Ask is for a list of homes in these areas and we will be happy to show you an example of one similar to your project.

Expediters of Building Permits

So you thought motor vehicles was rough! Try this on for size; every County, Township and Incorporated Village on Long Island has different requirements for satisfying the permit process. And just when you though you’ve mastered it, they change the requirements. In order to try and keep up we have a full time in house expediting staff including a Notary Public. They stay on top of the ever-changing application and paperwork process. We only ask one favor, don’t blame us on the delays of a third party. We do our best to make sure your approvals come as fast as possible. We know most of the players and they know us however patience is a virtue.

Certificates of Occupancy

After a home renovation, you are required to get a certificate of occupancy from your local municipality. This allows you to safely re-enter and occupy your home.

Also after a structure is 'legalized' you are asked by a buyer or seller, or their bank, to obtain a C/O for said structure. We will assist you in coordinating all the paperwork, inspections and procedures to make this happen.

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