How Your Project Works

How Your Project Works

First we set up an in home free consultation to discuss your design criteria and needs. During this meeting we will offer many ideas to make you project beautiful, functional and keeping it within budget. After discussing your project we will give you a flat fee estimate to prepare the architectural preliminary drawings, construction documents and Town or Village building permit filing process. Once retained to start your project, we move into the preliminary design phase.

Upon start of the Preliminary Design Phase, we will take careful detailed measurements of your home, office or structure and compare them to your property survey for complete accuracy. Then we layout the plans and elevation views into our AUTO CAD system which does not have any room for error. Once all existing conditions are drawn, we start to sketch overlay ideas following your design criteria. Once these ideas are formalized, we present to you a beautiful, to scale drawing of what your project will be when it’s complete. During this process we may have several design meetings to make sure the design is to your liking. This is all within the retainer fee paid to us at the start of the project.

Once a preliminary design is satisfactory to you, we then begin the Construction Documents Phase. During this time your drawings will be developed into the documents that all the contractors will bid on, build from and be approved for permits by your local Municipality. We include all the foundation plans, framing information, cross sections, elevations, electrical and plumbing information needed to complete your project. However it is up to you to discuss the finish materials with your contractor such as kitchen cabinetry, tiles, hardware, paint, etc. Keep in mind that with a complete set of architectural construction documents you will be able to bid your project out “apples to apples”. All the bidders will be pricing the same job. This will make you more competitive in the end.

Once your project is underway, we offer During Construction Services. During your construction we will be available as needed to oversee and make sure your project is being built according to our Town/Village approved construction documents. This will require on average two site visits; one at the completion of all concrete work and one upon completion of all framing, rough plumbing and electrical work, prior to insulation. It will be up to you or your contractor to call us in advance to set this up. This service is usually included in our basic contract, but sometimes it’s an extra service people want to take advantage of depending on the scope of the project.

Once you project is completed we would love to include the final photo into our online portfolio as you see here.

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